Time Travel Log

  1. Istanbul

    2023-01-10 05:20:48 UTC
    It is three weeks since we left Istanbul and in my dreams, the sights and sounds of the city still wash over me. We only knew her for a week, but I am tempted to say that Istanbul is the Paris of the East. More ancient, more diverse, not refined…

  2. Turkiye

    2022-12-16 19:55:28 UTC
    It’s December 12 and we are sitting at the Istanbul airport waiting for our flight back to Seattle. Our mood is whistful as we ponder how to fit back into Seattle life. The last six weeks in Turkiye have been a revelation and the perfect ending to this phase of…

  3. Athens

    2022-11-20 19:20:00 UTC
    We arrive in Athens after dark. The ride from the airport is long and I am pleased to see there is almost no traffic—kind of surprising at 6 pm on a weeknight. But then we hit the city and the snarl of cars practicing competitive driving brings us to a…