Time Travel Log

  1. Cassis and Besalu

    31 Oct 2022
    One of the more fantastic features of the Marseille region is the Parc National des Calanques. Calanques are the rocky finger coves to the southeast of Marseille—between Marseille and Cassis—where the mountainous coastline meets the sea.  The area is covered in hiking trails of various levels of difficulty most of…

  2. Marseilles, Arles and the Luberon

    27 Oct 2022
    I last wrote about leaving Marseille. We now go back to the beginning. We leave behind a Parisian-grey morning, traveling by train at 325 km/hr to emerge into the warmth and brilliant light of Marseille, her pastel skirts spread over hills in all directions. Our polite and welcoming taxi driver…

  3. Our Home in Marseille

    16 Oct 2022
    It is the eve of our departure from Marseille. So I start this story from its ending.  Friday we returned from a quick 3-day jaunt to Besalu, Spain, to visit James Wallace, ex-Seattleite and former owner of Besalu Cafe in Ballard. James and his wife, Kaire, settled there in 2017,…