Time Travel Log

  1. France: Paris

    29 Sep 2022
    In our last contact, we took you through Belgium en route to France. Now we bid adieu to our few hours in Belgium and enter the territory of France making a beeline towards the village of Sedan, our last stop before taking up residence in Paris.  Sedan is known for…

  2. Germany: Chapter Two

    14 Sep 2022
    After we down pots of coffee, copious amounts of eggs, bacon, sausages, pastries, bread and cheese at the Hotel Europa breakfast buffet, we waddle to our car to tackle the 3-hour drive to Berlin. BERLIN. One of the truly amazing capitals of Europe. So many stories, so many tragedies and…

  3. Germany: Chapter One

    06 Sep 2022
    Our two weeks in Germany begin in Hamburg with family—the Hamburger Rafiis. Uncle Yousef, Tante Maren, cousins Jaschi and Bijan, Bijan’s lovely wife Yvonne, plus their three boys, Fabio, Yago and Sami. A boisterous bunch that all live together in a family compound in Niendorf, a little suburban hamlet on…