Grand old white colonial mansion with four columned portico, a dog and the American flag.
A comical arrangement of shrubs in front of a house
A turquoise trailer home with flower pots sits adjacent to grain silos
Outdoor chairs with red cushions sit side by side in front of double garage doors
A yellow table cloth on a sunlit kitchen table
Colorful flower pots, laundry and a cat cleaning itself
Still life of a sunlit table in a window with flowers
Red and white towels hanging on a clothesline
A red tablecloth and a green plastic chair in a backyard
A view towards a kitchen table with colored glass bottles and a blue checkered window shade
A bowl of fruit backlit by a kitchen window
A rustic door and front steps of a house with a woman framed in the window
Light filters into a dark bedroom through lace curtains. A cat sleeps on the bed.
Angled view of a kitchen window and countertop
Still life with small table, food and flowers.
The side of a brick house glows in the setting sunlight.
Outdoor chairs and firewood burner arranged haphazardly in  a backyard