A red barn behind a white fence with a long clothesline at sunset. Golden light
A volleyball net in a pastoral field
A vintage truck sits on a grassy hill in the woods.
Shoes and coats at a backdoor.
A view through glass doors into a garden,
A path winds towards a gate through a garden.
A peach rose bush against a yellow house on a grey day frames a view of water and mountains in the distance.
An apple tree stands in front of a small country house.
A view into a bathroom with hanging plants, a bathrobe and a window into a garden.
A large evergreen tree casts a shadow across the lawn of a white house with a red door.
A pair of dragonfly ornaments adorned a fence silhouetted at sunset.
Colorful flower pots, laundry and a cat cleaning itself
Outdoor chairs with red cushions sit side by side in front of double garage doors
A yellow door with a window that reflects the outdoors.
A red tablecloth hangs askew on a table next to a green plastic chair in front of a stone wall under some trees.
A turquoise trailer home with flower pots sits adjacent to grain silos
The front of a low house with trees in front and behind.  The photographer's legs are reflected in the front windows.