A crowd of people framed by the Seattle waterfront carousel. A man in the center grimaces
Closeup from behind of  the lower half of a woman walking
A railroad car serves as a cafe with eaters seated outside under umbrellas.
A couple sits on plastic chairs at a road side stand in Mexico.
The silhouette of a man as he stands looking into a large aquarium.
A man, holding a radial saw, stands on top of a pile of twisted metal in front of a house being demolished.
Four young women gathered around a table and stools on a terrace in summer.
A window washer climbs down a ladder against a brick apartment building.
Injecting drugs sitting on the sidewalk next to colorful murals/
A father, who is a very large man, holds his tiny newborn child in a baby carrier .
Ordering take-out from a parked car.
A security guard in a mask and a visitor in a cat costume at the Seattle public library