Entry hall to the new wing of the Chicago Art Institute
A trio of visitors to the  Chicago Art Institute
A security guard in a mask and a visitor in a cat costume at the Seattle public library
Looking down toward two women, one is wearing a red jacket
Silhouette of people climbing an exterior staircase of a modern building
Closeup of a flower vendor wearing a mask
A man in an orange shirt rides down a green elevator
A woman with flaming red hair walks across a canal bridge
Close-up of the back of a women's braided hair
A  seated man looking at his phone with a  standing woman photographing a scene behind him
Bus passengers making faces while looking out the window.
Closeup from behind of  the lower half of a woman walking
Four pretty young women at an outside cafe.
A man rests on a bench with his dog at the top of steps in a park
A young couple seated in an open boat
Two little boys play in the surf while their father looks on.