In front of an ice cream shop a giant pint ice cream cone.
Two women walking by shop windows plastered with posters of shoppers in silhouette,
A man walks towards a shed on the edge of a river
A man and a woman bending down towards a baby carriage parked against a railing at the edge of a lake.
A house painted partly orange glows in the light from the setting sun.
The green and orange leaves of a tree hang in front of a small turquoise painted cottage.
 A car at the pickup window of a take out fast food place
a man with a backpack stands next to a wall of the Pritsker auditorium
A man and woman riding in a white convertible
A man's legs outstretched on an ottoman seen through a doorway
Ornate pink house with unkempt front lawn
Potted plant on a window ledge with blue shutters
A tattooed woman laughs as a man with long hair looks on.
A man in the shade holds a sunlight baby on his lap
Dark trees and water as seen through raindrops on a windshield.