A man sits waiting for the ferry.
Paris, two people passing by on a bridge in front of the mausoleums of the Montmartre cemetery
a couple embrace as seen through the porthole of a ferry
Sunlight streams in through the windows of the ferry waiting room
Chicago, the tops of four peaked roofs rise above a dirt berm bordered by orange net fencing.
Ar ow of hoop greenhouses in a field
Dark skies and dramatic light are the backdrop for a house on a sloped street. A rainbow flag flutters in the wind.
A woman looks out through the windows of a ferry, hands clasped behind her back.
Paris, looking through open doors to an older woman passing by with a tote bag.
A couple stands looking out great windows towards the lake. A Joan Miro sculpture is in the middle of this great hall.
Paris, light streams diagonally through the windows of a cafe with colorful art on the walls.
Paris, a mother crossing the street with her children. The corner building has big blue doors and pink flowers overhead.
Paris, people walking in front of a store window with bright floral decorations.
A mother and two children stand next to a lifeguard looking out on a lake.
From the back, three male friends sit on a bench
A square in Paris with demonstrators sitting on the ground in groups
Paris, demonstrators march carrying a red flag.