A car at the pickup window of a take out fast food place
a man with a backpack stands next to a wall of the Pritsker auditorium
Night shot of lit doorway and windows
A man and woman riding in a white convertible
A stack of colorful outdoor chairs
Ornate pink house with unkempt front lawn
Potted plant on a window ledge with blue shutters
A man walking on the beach is framed between two beach cabanas
Self-portrait reflections in multiple glass doors
Man standing in the light at the end of a tunnel
A couple sits on a bench looking out at storm clouds over Lake Michigan
A yellow tugboat tied against the wall of a canal
A tattooed woman laughs as a man with long hair looks on.
A man in the shade holds a sunlight baby on his lap
A man's legs outstretched on an ottoman seen through a doorway
Looking through a restaurant window at a girl on her phone
Two little kids at the beach with a couple of bathers in the background
The back of a woman's head wearing a knit hat with black and yellow spots