Orange-tinted clouds in the sky at sunset.
A small white puff cloud hangs over an island in the distance on a grey day at the beach.
Two red Adirondack chairs sit on a beach. In the distance, a freighter passes in front of the silhouettes of mountains.
Two picnic tables sit on sand dunes on the edge of Lake Michigan.
A windy fall day and a woman walks her dog through the fields.
A man, dwarfed by two trees, bends over to peer at their base as though captivated by something he sees.
Light filters through tall trees at the edge of a lake.
A view of the ferry dock through raindrops on a windshield.
The banks of a stream with reflected light and vegetation.
A tree branch, twisted and forlorn lays on a beach
Two red towels hang on a tree stump in front of a yellow tent in the forest.
A dramatic sunset sky over wheat fields
A moss-covered forest scene bath in yellow light
Flowering plants in a dense grove of olive trees