Black and white image of a building built on a pier out into a bay.
The shadow of a chairback next to a garden urn.
The reflection of a person looking over a railing onto the street below.
An iron gate stands ajar in snowy woods.
Black opera gloves and a rose lay across the seat of an ornate chair.
Light seen through lace curtains
A couple walks up a hill through overhanging trees that create a tunnel effect.
A cat perched on a wooden beam peers out from under a corrugated roof.
A small chapel with a man in the  entry and another man looking towards storm clouds
Looking into the courtyard of an ornate 18th-century building with a sculptural fountain.
Black and white image of trees and bathers sitting on a beach.
The Eiffel Tower and Paris rooftops at night.
Sign in a gallery window in Paris. "The liberation of art"