Pink sunset at the beach with children playing in the sand.
A lamp sits on a round table in a curtained window
Pink and lavender wildflowers in the dark
Small dark office with a window to the seashore
Peering out from deep shadows towards a river scene and a man standing on a walkway overlooking the river.
Ornate candelabra silhouetted against a lace curtain in a window
An open book next to a window in dappled light
A tree casts a shadow across a street and sidewalk
A view out a window to a seashore scene
Looking through trees towards two paddleboarders at dusk/
Reflection in a side view mirror at dusk
The corner of a bed, light streams in a window
A house in the shadows with sunset highlights
Triangular shadows cast on the hull of a boat at water level.
A red bougainvillea vine crawls up a stone wall as seen through a shadowed opening.