Three large arched windows let light into a cavernous ex-industrial space.
Small dark office with a window to the seashore
A lamp sits on a round table in a curtained window
A woman sits against a red wall at the entrance to a gallery. Sunlight casts an angled shadow across the space.
Looking through a door into a well-lit room, we see a pair of legs resting on an ottoman.
Purple flox lit brightly against a dark background.
A tree with pink flowers is against an orange wall. Half of the wall is in shadow.
The outlines of misty mountains form the backdrop to a lakeshore.
The Interior wall structure of honeycomb windows reflects interior and exterior light.
People and their shadows as viewed through an overhead mirror.
Deep sunset over a small body of water edged with trees
The colors of sunset as reflected in the ripples of water
Two dragonfly garden elements are attached to a wire fence through which we see the beach and sunset.
A family waiting to disembark from the ferry is seen through a rain-splattered windshield.